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Scott and Baleigh Have Opinions About Movies

And our friends hate that about us. So we made a podcast so we can watch movies and then talk about them: what they are really about, their accomplishments and mistakes, who gave the best and worst performances. We also include a lot of interesting trivia about the actors and filming process and history of the movies along the way.

This is kind of like a book club, but for movies, and for people who don’t have enough friends interested in scrutinizing movies to death to make a movie club. So if you like thinking about movies, you should follow along. Make sure you watch the movie first, because there will be spoilers. 

If you’ve ever been told, “Relax, it’s just a movie,” this could be the podcast for you.

If you’d like to tell us why we’re wrong or give us ideas for movies we should discuss in the future, tweet us @ScottandBaleigh or email us at scottandbaleigh@gmail.com.

Scott Bailey

A self-described comedian, aspiring human male, and pathological liar, Scott got his start in media by starting this podcast. It was originally Baleigh’s idea, but he has since acquired all of the credit and none of the blame. This is why his name is listed first.

Baleigh Scott

A devoted wife and loving mother of two, Baleigh Scott is actively hiding behind her pseudonym and various other clouds of lies so as not to embarrass her daughters with her outrageous fame. She was recruited for this podcast by Scott, shortly after losing all legal ownership of it. She has written for a variety of publications about much less interesting things.

Recent Episodes

S1E7 – About Doubt

We are both cradle Catholics, so we discuss John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt with maybe a little too much passion and familiarity. We cover: Why the story of Doubt is better suited to the stage than the screen. How the use of camera angles...

S1E8 – About Titanic

We essentially destroy the Titanic...again. But we feel reeeeally bad about it. Which is more than you can say about the iceberg. We discuss: Why we think the love story between Jack and Kate is actually the least interesting part of this movie....

S1E9 – About Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

We really struggle to find things to criticize in this movie, but we have a pretty interesting discussion about: Whether this movie is about getting a second chance at love, or getting trapped in a dysfunctional relationship. How casting Jim...

S1E10 – About The Shining

The Shining is one of the most celebrated and studies horror films of all time, but was it always so popular? We answer that for you in this episode. We also discuss: What really causes Jack to go insane and try to kill his wife and son. Whether...

S1E11 – About Requiem for a Dream

Things get a little dark in this episode, but it’s a riveting conversation per usual. We discuss: Whether this movie is really about drugs. (lol yes) How the unconventional use of sound serves the film. Why we love this movie even though it’s...

S1E12 – About Fargo

In the final episode of Season 1, we discuss: How the Coen Brothers pulled a fast one on all of us. What makes Jerry one of the most unusual villains (is that even the right word?) of all time. Why Marge is the best part of this movie. All the...